Repairing a garage door

The caring for a house puts in different, interesting roles. A situation is to repair your garage door or simply know basic information about its maintenance. But don’t take it all on you.

If you can’t do a project, call a professional and resolve it together.
The following advices are best suited to fix that garage door that has a problem.

First, check the state of the door. Does it have metal cracks? The mounting brackets are lose? The tracks have dents, crimps? With bolts or screws you can tighten the brackets and with hammers you can straighten the tracks. If some part is too damaged, replace it.

The next step is to verify the alignment of the tracks and be sure that both of them have the same height on the walls in the garage. If you have horizontal tracks they have to slant down towards the back of the garage. For roll up doors, the vertical tracks have to be plumbed accurately.
Unscrew a little the bolts or screws that hold the tracks just to align them in the proper position. With a level check the placement and then tighten the parts.

Clean the tracks, rollers with a concentrated cleaner. After they are dry lubricate them, alongside the pulleys, with a special spray, powdered graphite, household oil, silicon spray.

If you find a part that looks old or overused, do change it. The swing-up doors are susceptible of damage to the plates and springs, so check them. For roll-up doors the hinges that hold the door require observation. For both cases if the screws are lose, tighten them.

The door is bending in a weird way you can repair it by handling the hinges. If you find cracks in the wood of the hinge, remove the hinge, fill the holes and screw them with a filling of wood. Afterwards replace the hinge. Change wide and enlarged screws.

If you have a problem with your door spring here is what you do. For a swing up door there is a spring on each side. To adjust the tensions take the hook to the next hole or notch. A roll up door has the springs controlled by a spring cable. Pull the cable and make a knot to it when you reach the wanted tension.

Now, you know several tips to repair that annoying garage door. Start fixing!

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