Caring For The Forsythia Bush

The Forsythia Bush is one of the favorites for landscaping, often seen even in parks and public gardens as screening solutions or shrub borders, as well as personal yards. Not only does if fair well in temperate climates (in zones 4 to 9 according to USDA), its stunning yellow blooms during spring will certainly make an impression.

This beautiful shrub is easy to take care of and hardy in general.

There are 11 varieties to choose from, some growing up to 2 feet others to more than 8, so make sure you choose the one suitable for your garden to avoid complications and extra work.

It should be kept in full sun, though it can tolerate partial shade as well, and in rich, well-drained soil – adding an all-purpose fertilizer in mid February will enable heavy blooming. You can water it whenever the top soil is dry. It is a pest and infestation resistant plant if not kept under long periods of stress.

The best way to propagate it is by stem cutting starting late spring till early summer or, another interesting way to do it, is by forcing branches to touch the soil (by placing weight or other means); these will develop roots of their own and then you can cut them separately.

Pruning in general should be done when the blooms start fading in colour. As usual, we will remove diseased branches and, in general, cutting one-fourth of the old branches is enough for a healthy growth.

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