Caring For Viburnum Shrubs

There are over 150 species of Viburnum shrubs, from evergreen to deciduous, and they are easy to care for, while they will reward you with cute white or pink and fragrant blooms during spring (the Korean spice is one of the favorites because of its heavenly smell) and colourful berries (the Tea Viburnum produces bright red-orange berries contrasted with dark blue-green foliage and white flowers). They are fast growing so you can prune them into the shape you want.

Choose a variety according to your climate and needs – whether for screens, stand alone, hedges or borders.

A highly adaptable plant, the Viburnum requires moderately fertile and well-drained soil, alkaline or pH 5.6 – 6.6, full sun or at least partial shade and moderate watering.

Fertilizing should be done in spring and if there is discoloration you might have a pest problem, so use pest control methods and immediately remove the affected areas.

Propagation is achieved by detaching a stem and planting it in the garden once it has rooted. Pruning should be done after the blooms fade; dead or diseased branches should be removed, so check the interior as well and if stems cross each other prune them. Never prune more than one-third of the bush.

adaptable plant, colourful berries, fast growing, fertile and well-drained soil, full sun, moderate watering, Viburnum shrubs