Choosing Dwarf Shrubs For Your Garden

Make your garden look more beautiful, vibrant and deep with the help of carefully selected dwarf shrubs. By dwarf shrubs we mean those which don’t grow to more than 4-6 feet. They can be a great addition to your garden as they are usually low maintenance and give the garden a sense of proportion.

There’s a large variety you can choose from, from evergreen ones to seasonal types, so do some research about how to care for them before planting.

A dramatic addition can be the Alpine Plum Yew with its reddish green to gray foliage and small red berries.

For a difficult climate or soil you might want to consider the Dwarf Mountain Pine, which is sturdy and resistant to cold weather. It grows in clusters and has paired dark green needles, 3-4 cm long. Another hardy shrub is the Carissa Holly which survives in variable soil and draught. It’s low maintenance and it generally thrives on sunshine. With coarse green leaves this evergreen shrub is a good addition to your flower garden.

For rock gardens and partial shade or simply around the pool area or water bodies the Dwarf Hemlock makes a fine choice. It has olive green leaves and grows up to 3 feet, but the growth rate is slow. In completely shaded areas the Dwarf Snowflake Mock Orange is one of your best choices, with beautiful and fragrant white flowers in spring. It’s a deciduous specimen and it grows up to 3-4 feet.

If you want ornamental, then the Dwarf Azalea is for you. It’s a deciduous specimen with oval light green leaves and puffball-resembling white and pink flowers.

Some other species you might want to consider include the Dwarf Korean Lilac, Compact Cranberry Bush, Daphne Spirea, Dwarf Butterfly Bush and many others.

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