Choosing Evergreen Shrubs For Creating Shaded Areas

If you want to create shaded areas in your garden but you don’t want a tree, a shrub would make a great choice. Go all out and get an evergreen shrub – it will provide you with beauty to your garden all year round and it will also grow to offer you the shade you want and a bit of privacy.

Boxwood is a good option, growing up from 2 to 12 m high, often used as a hedge or topiary plant.

A more modest growing shrub is the Fetterbush, between 3 and 9 feet tall; naturally found in swamps, wet woodlands and low pinelands, the fetterbush has smooth leaves and oval-shaped flowers.

Because of its dense foliage, the Techny Arborvitae is a good choice for shade, ornamentation or hedge, growing up to 15 or 20 feet.

The Camellia is a beautiful choice because of its colored flowers in winter. It should be kept in acidic well-drained soil; it is a shallow-rooted plant so it should not be planted with other such plants.

Another tall evergreen shrub (2 to 13 m high) is the Aucuba, a good shade shrub because of its tall stature and big leaves.

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