Choosing Small Shrubs For Your Garden

If you are new at gardening, small shrubs is the way to go as they are low maintenance and give a distinct air to your garden. They make landscaping much easier and are best planted in spring. When designing the landscape, do a bit of research as o how big they grow so you will know how far apart to plant them to avoid overcrowded areas.

The Alpine Current is a dwarf bush with upright branches and dense dark green foliage which turns yellow in autumn.
An attractive asset during winter is the Green Mountain Boxwood with showy foliage and naturally oval shape. It grows well in bright to partial shade and blooms small flowers in spring. Another flowering shrub is Annabelle, with big white flowers throughout summer. It grows up to 4-5 feet in height in a variety of soil and bright light conditions.

A hardy, small to medium shrub, the Wintergreen Cotoneaster can grow in various types of soil as long as it’s well drained and is drought resistant. It grows to 3-4 feet in height, has small, shiny dark green leaves and enjoys bright sunlight.

A small shrub is the Bagatelle Barberry, up to 1 ½ feet in height, with deep red foliage, as opposed to the big 4-6 feet tall Regent Serviceberry with soft, green colored leaves.

These are just a few from a very big list of small shrubs which includes Bearberry, Dwarf Cedar, Siberian Carpet Cypress and deciduous small shrubs like Bristly Locust, Flowering Almond, Hancock Coralberry and Snowberry.

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