Evergreen Flowering Shrubs For Landscaping

Shrubs have always been favorites for landscaping because they are a good option for hedges and privacy screens. Evergreen shrubs help keep your garden beautiful all year and the flowering varieties add a plus of colour to during the bloom seasons. There are flowering evergreen shrubs for all types of climate and sunlight amount, so let’s help you choose one best suited for you.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, there are 11 hardiness zones, 1 being the coldest (with temperatures below -46 degrees Clesius) and 11 the warmest (with temperature above 4 degrees Celsius), so pinpoint your zone and let’s get to it.

For zone 8, the best evergreen flowering shrubs are the Skimmia and the Kerria Japonica. Skimmia has glossy leaves, white fragrant flowers and they even bear bright red berries, from October to spring. Provide them with rich moist soil and shade. The Kerria Japonica is a hardy shrub which requires loamy or humus rich soil and partial shade, full sun might make its beautiful honey gold flowers to fade away.

The well-know Gardenia is typical of zone 7. With shiny dark green leaves and white flowers, the Gardenia makes a good choice for bordering your house or garden; it requires acidic levels of 5 to 6 pH and full sun – it can tolerate partial shade as well, and it should be regularly watered and fertilized during the blooming period.
Also for zone 7 is the low maintenance Stoke’s Aster, member of the aster-daisy family, with white, pink, blue or lavender flowers and long leaves, thriving in acidic soil and sunlight.

For zone 5 we recommend the Camellia with brilliantly coloured flowers – grows well in loam or slightly acidic soil and partial shade, and the Viburnum with its green leaves and pink or white clustered flowers. The Viburnum should be kept in pH level 5.6 – 6.6 and moderately fertile soil, in full sun or at least partial shade; it can be left to grow into a tree but it’s best admired when short, so pruning is necessary.

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