How to Choose Ornamental Trees

Besides the obvious useful reasons for planting trees you might want to consider ornamental species to enhance the beauty of your garden. There are many to choose from, each with its own uniqueness and endless possibilities of landscaping, some combining all useful aspects as well as the aesthetic ones, like evergreen ornamental trees with dense foliage to provide beautiful colour and shade all year round.

Of course, you need to do a bit of research on the needs of the trees you like; requirements such as soil needs, sunlight and pruning are essential to ensure beautiful foliage and a striking result.

Sweet Gum is as tall as they come, reaching up to 150 tall, this tree is a giant with oval-shaped foliage turned yellow, red and purple in autumn.

A popular choice is the maple tree, reaching up to 60 feet with a wonderful pallet of warm coloured leaves in autumn; it also provides shade and it bears small flowers and fruit. Another favorite is dogwood which not only attracts with its beautiful showy flowers, but during autumn the foliage turns a striking red and purple combination of colours.

Let’s not forget the flowering Crabapple, a pest-free choice (except for Apple scab it’s a rather healthy tree) which though relatively small compared to the others, is in no way less breathtaking with its fragrant white, pink or dark rose flowers.

The classical oak tree grows large and provides ample shade as well as flowers, yellow-green or red-green.

Fruit bearing trees are always an option with their pretty small flowers speaking of delicious pies and jams to come. From these, we recommend the flowering pear, with persistent white clustered blooms.

Or you might want to go with the unique Birch tree with white peeling bark and delicate foliage which give any garden the feel of delicate beauty. Its delicate nature is due to its life span as well – though the Birch tree can live up to 50 years its first 20 are the most beautiful.

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