The Smoke Tree - a must for your garden

The garden needs our attention to detail and without passion for gardening, it would be hard to create an oasis. But don’t worry about ability or ideas because there so many types of plants to help us decorate and guides to teach us how to care for our green space.

The following information is about the Smoke Tree, a great choice for your garden.

How does a Smoke Tree look?

The name comes from the resemblance with a red smoke, during the period of florescence (June to August).
It is an ornamental tree, small of height (it reached 15 feet), with two types: Smoke Tree and Smoke Bush.
The leaves are small, round, with color like blue-green or violet, red vines and edges marked with red. If crushed, they release an orange peel scent.
The tree gives brown colored fruits and irregular as form.

Caring about the Smoke Tree:

It won’t ask you for much. In exchange for its beauty, it asks for enough sunlight, well drained soil and any quantity of water. The tree can grow very well in inhospitable soils and climate. If they are planted in rich, fertile grounds they are attacked by the fungal disease.
The tree grows at a medium rate. If you want to see it in a natural environment go to Tennessee, Texas, and Alabama.


First, you will choose the Smoke Tree for its looks. It can be a wonderful adornment to your garden. Even in the fall, the colors are spectacular.
It can be planted to serve as a fence.
Place it in hilly land alongside other trees and vegetation.

You can choose to plant Daydream, Velvet Cloak, Royal Purple, Nordine, Grace. They are similar, but as their name suggest you will be surprised by touches of different colors and characteristics.

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