About dollar weeds

Dollar weeds are aquatic plants, usually found in warm regions, that spread fast and endanger aquatic plants and wildlife, by consuming the oxygen around them.

Dollar weeds – commonly found

Dollar weeds can be found pretty much anywhere in the United States and can survive and thrive in the water, as well as on St. Augustine grass.

Identifying dollar weeds

Dollar weeds can be distinguished by their shiny, round leaves that give them the appearance of silver dollars. These weeds are creeping weeds and also have small flowers, which bloom in July and August.

The growth of dollar weeds

These weeds will thrive pretty much anywhere. From lakes to swamps and bogs or even stagnant water. It will do just fine in shady places as well as in wet places, regardless of most soil conditions.

The spreading of dollar weeds

The dollar weeds will surely take control of a lawn or pond easily if left to grow, as they will form a tough carpet which will lead to the destruction of surrounding plants.

Getting rid of dollar weeds

Because these weeds have small roots that don’t dig deep into the ground, you can easily get rid of them manually, pulling them out, only if they didn’t spread too much yet.

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