Applying herbicides

Herbicides are used to kill existing weeds and stop others from growing. There are many types of herbicides with different effects and ways of applying them.

Specific – Non-specific herbicides

A specific herbicide is the most commonly used.

It will only kill certain types of weeds depending on it’s purpose. It can be applied to a small area or to the entire lawn.

A non-specific herbicide is used to wipe vast areas of lawn. It will take out any sort of plant, weeds or beneficial plants. It is not commonly used by homeowners.

Pre-emergent – Post emergent herbicides

A pre-emergent herbicide is used before the weeds even have a chance to germinate. It must be used when the temperature doesn’t exceed 60 degrees and is best applied when the soil is completely aerated. It can be found in granular form. You can either scatter them across the lawn or crush the granules and use a wheeled spreader to spread them. After that, you must water the lawn to activate the herbicide.

A post-emergent herbicide is used when weeds are already grown. The temperature must be between 60 and 90 degrees for the herbicide to work properly. Granular forms of the herbicide can be found on the market.

Apply by spraying

You can apply herbicide to weeds by spraying. You just need a spray bottle that contains a pre-made mixture, or one that you made yourself. Be careful when applying because the solution can do damage to any other nearby plants.

Apply by brushing

You can apply herbicide to weeds by gently brushing them with the solution. All you need is a small paint brush or a cotton swab. Dip the brush or swab into the solution and then apply it to the base of the weed. The mixture will go through the root system and kill the plant.

Another way of getting rid of weeds with herbicides is cutting the weed and then applying herbicide on the remains to kill the root system and prevent it from regrowing.

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