Artificial grass as a landscaping solution

Artificial grass is an option for landscaping and requires no maintenance. It also reduces costs that would come with regular watering, fertilizer and other resources. Consult the local building codes before you choose artificial grass for your outdoor landscape.

Your backyard could become a mini golf course area. If you wish to build this, first, you will need a drainage system, and afterwards add the filler dirt underneath the future landscape. The last touch will be the artificial grass as a smooth putting surface.
Also, if you will reuse the golf balls that land in the holes, create a PVC piping system, in the underground of the landscape.

A side yard garden is another option for a landscape. You can build it with a lot of potted plants, artificial turf and a drainage system. The draining of the water that comes from the plants must be absorbed by the soil or to flow towards the street where it can enter a storm drain.

The place where you store the garbage cans and recycling bins can be covered with artificial grass. You can clean the surface by, sometimes, spraying it with water. It will look like an extension of the real grass from the yard.
Another design of the area can be created with rock, gravel or mulch and small planters. In the center of the lawn you can plant a tree or bush and around it place artificial grass. To complete the drainage scheme extend it under the planters.

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