Caring For Junberry Trees

The Junberry is a popular ornamental landscaping tree and gets its name because the berries ripen in June.

It is a deciduous multi-stemmed tree, native to North America, with star-shaped white flowers blooming in spring, foliage from coppery-pink to dark green and rich red to vibrant orange during autumn; different species grow from 3 to 26 feet – the small species are very good for cottage style gardens and can also be kept as bonsai by training it with pruning. Even the bark is ornamental and some species produce delicious berries (like Honeywood Juneberry, Northline Juneberry, Smokey Juneberry and Pembina Juneberry) used in jams, pies and jellies – though you should keep the birds away if you want to get to use the berries.

It prefers neutral-acidic, well-drained soil and full sun, though it will do well in partial shade too. It survives in harsh and dry conditions, but it should be well watered initially.

Affected areas such as foliage or berries touched by fungus or withering bark should be removed immediately.

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