Caring for ornamental grass plants

A garden without beautiful plants it’s just another common place. Learn how to grow ornamental grass plants, that are evergreen, multicolored, have different sizes and textures.
They have foliage in colors like green, blue, red, yellow, white and even stripes.

Of course, in the fall the colors change.

These types of plants last, are versatile so they are best used as fillers, border plants, background elements. The ornamental grass plants mix well with flowers or other woody herbs.

There are two types of vegetal: the ones for the cold season and for the warm one. The grasses for the warm seasons are autumn moor grass, fescues, blue oat grass. The types suited for cold areas are fountain grass, switch grass, hardy pampas, and northern sea oats.

They have a very simple caring ritual.
You can plant them in a soil with a medium to good drainage system. Add compost or any other organic substance that has a pH level around 5.5-7.5 percents. Having constant humidity is not necessary, so the plants can be watered rarely. Just water them at the beginning of their growth to assure a good start. Give them full sunlight. Of course there are species that can live in area with shade.

The best period for pruning is in late fall or the beginning of the spring. Prune the long clusters about 6 inches above the soil. Trim the smaller grasses at 2 inches above the ground.

An important element is the spacing between the grasses. If you plant them very close together the garden becomes stuffy.

Place the new plants far away from the initial ones in order for each of them to grow at their full size- this happens after 2 years.

Ornamental grasses plants are very resistant to diseases. But they do suffer from different attacks. Also, too much fertilizer will dry out the plant.

Over all, you will be very happy if you choose to enrich your garden with ornamental grass plants.

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