Caring For Ornamental Peppers

Ornamental peppers have become more and more popular, especially during winter for brightening up the atmosphere with their vibrant colours. Native to South America, these house plants are small in stature (up to 18 inches tall) and bear brightly coloured fruit that can even be used at cooking.

This plant thrives in sandy to loamy soil, a well aerated and well-drained type of soil, which should be kept moist but not over-watered.

It likes warm climates (over 55 degrees Fahrenheit) with full soft sunlight (coming from south-west).

Add water soluble fertilizer once a month and twice a month during the fruit bearing period, but keep it to half the normal concentration. Excess nitrogen inhibits fruit bearing in favor of foliage.

Pests like aphids, spider mites and whiteflies can cause a ruckus so you should do a regular check-up, especially for younger plants.

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