Create a landscape for an old farmhouse

Creating a landscape for a farmhouse can a difficult project due to the large area you need to include in the design. But don’t worry. There is a solution: have focus on key elements that will give you the rustic charm you desire.

Let’s start with the margins of the property. If you want to mark them, install a split-rail fence. Their model is two or three rails suspended between posts. If you prefer the rustic look given by the wood fences, have in mind that they are a little harder to maintain. The vinyl material offers to the fence endurance and can come in many colors. Also, it doesn’t require painting.

An important piece in the landscape is the walkway. Go for rugged, irregular flagstones slate or fieldstones that are more than suited for farmhouses. Position them randomly so you can create that natural look.

Let’s celebrate nature! Consider the presence of a vegetable or herb garden for the yard, in front or the back of the house. This element has a practical and decorative purpose due to the different colors. Surround the garden with picket fence.

An interesting touch can be given by the presence of a decorative well. You can use it as a planter for flowers and make it out of wood or stone, with a barrel-style bottom as an authentic detail.

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