How to make a vegetable garden trellis

Give vertical plants support for growing and have an easier method to pick the vegetables by building a garden trellis. You can make this a do-it-yourself project. The materials necessary for the job are: saplings/branches, a tape measure, a mallet garden twine and a utility knife.

Follow the steps below and you will have in no time a wonderful trellis:
First, choose the space for the structure. It should be almost 90 inches long in the garden. Inside this structure, at equal intervals of 12 inches, place eight saplings, on a horizontal plane.

Next, raise the saplings and push them into the ground, on the beds outside edge. You should introduce them into the ground until you have about 24 inches covered. Put a sapling in front of another one and do so until you reach the end of the line.

Now, to create the horizontal lines of the trellis, move the sapling at the bottom of the installation. Leave 6 inches between these strips. Continue placing them among the supports and make sure they are placed evenly.

Finally, to secure the trellis, tie the vertical and horizontal strips at the intersections using the garden twine.
If you are not convinced you should have a vegetable trellis here a few more advantages to it:

  • You can choose different designs to garnish your garden;
  • Each model has its own utility;
  • You can place the plants on the trellis at different levels and so create a wonderful view and structure;
  • You can buy already made designs for your garden;
  • The trellis gives a unique look to your green space;

Don’t hesitate in making the garden a place of Eden and one that you will enjoy every day.

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