Ideas to create a landscape between a fence and a driveway

If you have an empty area between the fence and driveway, you can add a landscape. You can bring colors and design, thorough several options. Choose the one that fits your style and the look of your house.

Here are some ideas of how to enrich the area in front of your home.

Plants are a very colorful and delicate option for the area. You can choose flowering plants that have a lifecycle of one year like petunias, impatiens, and marigolds. Garden mums, peonies, daylilies are perennial flowering plants, growing for three or more years. The best soil is the potting kind and the mulch. You can pick plenty of flowering plants to have a large pallet of colors.

A good solution for a difficult growing soil or a steep hillside is a garden trimmed with landscaping rocks. A rock garden can be created with slate, marble, granite to bring color to the area. Cactus plants, small windmill, wagon wheels can be a good match for a southwestern garden.

The space between the driveway and a fence can be a suitable place for shrubs. Red Japanese barberry, glossy abelia, littleleaf boxwood are perfect for small areas. They don’t grow more that 4 feet and have a low rate of growth. If you prefer faster growing shrubs, consider the Japanese holly, American boxwood or inkberry. Place the shrubs along the fence line. For a more colorful arrangement, plant flowering plants alongside the shrubs.

Another type of plant that can decorate the space between the fence and driveway is a small tree. Some examples are dogwood trees, redbug trees, holly trees or crape myrtles. They won’t grow more than 20 feet. If you have a large area to cover choose large trees like sycamore, red maple, American elm or red oak. Reaching maturity they can grow up to 80 feet in height.

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