Planting Angel Trumpet Seeds

Angel trumpet is a beautiful fragrant white flowering plant, with trumpet-shaped blooms, native to Brazil, and grown by many gardening enthusiasts. It’s also known as thorn apple because its fruit are covered with spines. Some parts of the plant are poisonous so keep out of children or pet reach.

Propagation is done by seeds during spring. You have to prepare them first, by cutting their surface with a knife then soaking them in water overnight. From the start you should use a large container as the plant grows really fast once it germinates. Fill it with light potting mix (it allows for good drainage), mix compost, water it to settle it down and start adding the seeds; make 4 inch deep indentations in the soil, add the seed, cover without pressing and when done, water the pot.
Place the pot somewhere with partial sunlight and warm days with cool nights. Keep the soil moist but not soaked wet. Germination should start in 2-3 weeks and once the seedlings sprout you need to add fertilizer once every 2-3 weeks, weed and mulch regularly.
If you want seeds from your own harvest, select the seed pods which have split because of dryness or at least those which have matured and you can dry them out off the tree. The seeds need to be kept in the refrigerator until you are ready to sow them.

angel trumpet, deep indentations, partial sunlight, thorn apple