Planting Clivia Seeds

Clivia flowers are monocot flowering plants, with stunning bright orange blooms that can warm up any corner of your garden or house. Propagation is done through seeds and it is very important they are treated properly otherwise it will reflect in the well-being of your flowers.

When pollinated flowers fall off, they leave a berry-shaped ovary which contains the pod bearing 4 to 5 seeds.

When the pod changes its colour from green to a soft yellow, orange or red, gently pick it up, cut it carefully and separate the seeds from the pulp. Wash them under running water, preferably mixed with germicide. Store them in sealed plastic bags with a few drops of water, but not for more than 2 months; it’s best if you use them fresh.

Germination is achieved if they are planted in damp compost mixed with some perlite or vermiculite, packed in plastic bags and slightly pressed (a few seeds in each bag, place upwards), and placed somewhere warm (73-77 F) and dark. You could also use a pot with holes and covered with a plastic sheet instead of sealed plastic bags.

Once the seeds sprout move them to a seed tray and when they have their first leaves you can plant them in the garden. After 2 or 4 years they will finally bloom and you won’t regret the time you waited.

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