Planting Crocus Bulbs

Crocus flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers round; they are perennial and bloom early announcing the arrival of spring – there are also fall flowering Crocus. It’s of small stature (reaching maximum 6 inches), the blooms are cup-shaped and bright with colour, while the leaves are grass-like. Grown in a flower bed or as a flower rug they look just stunning.

They will bloom only if they are provided plenty of sunlight.

Propagation is achieved through bulbs, or more accurately bulb-shaped corms, which get used up as the plant develops and a new one will be formed when the plant goes dormant. Make sure there aren’t any rotting spots on the bulbs when you buy them. The spring flowering variety should be planted in autumn, even early autumn if the climate is cold, and vice versa.

Choose a sunny spot, ideally with sunlight throughout the day, with well-drained sandy soil, mix it with organic compost then plant the bulbs, setting them 3 inches apart; you can also add mulch. Water them thoroughly once a week then less once the seedling sprout and none at all during winter. As for feeding, you can use a slow release bulb fertilizer once per year at the end of the flowering season.

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