Planting Heliotrope Seeds

There are over 200 species of Heliotrope flowers and they are all sweet-smelling and turn to face the sun as the day progresses. One of the most popular heliotrope plants is the South American perennial shrub (also known as “cheery pie” plant) which blooms beautiful white, blue or purple flowers surrounded by a sweet vanilla-cinnamon fragrance.

If you want to plant heliotrope seeds and enjoy their beauty and fragrance, the best time to plant them is 12 weeks before the first frost and you will need seeds, of course, and some other tools and materials; gather them around and let’s get started.

Cover the seedling tray with potting mix and humidify it with a spray bottle. Scatter 3 or 4 seeds into each tray, cover them with a thin layer of soil and place them in a warm area away from direct sunlight – you can use fluorescent lights instead.

Keep the soil moist throughout, but not soaking wet. When the seedlings appear, cut off the weakest ones, leaving only the strongest – don’t pull them out as you might damage the one you want to keep in the process. Transplant them into containers using styrofoam or paper cups (with a hole underneath them) to transfer the young sprouts.

In spring you can move them outside, somewhere where they get sunlight throughout the day. Take them out gently to avoid damaging the roots, burry them and add a little bit of water. Once replanted add organic mulch to help with drainage and fertility and remember to keep the soil moist, but not soaking in water. You can also add time-release fertilizer once every 6 weeks if necessary.

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