Taking Care of a Juniper Bonsai

Bonsai are miniaturized trees or shrubs and the juniper bonsai is one of the easiest to take care of and recommended for beginners. The juniper bonsai is essentially the small version of a juniper tree, a conifer, and there are many species of juniper which grow very well as bonsai; it is highly decorative with its needle leaves and gives a touch of elegance and balance to any home, both indoors or outdoors.

For proper growth it is best to put it outside in the morning, to receive the low intensity sunlight, and inside it should be placed somewhere with at least 4 hours of sunlight every day.

Choose a proper pot for it, with enough room for its roots and holes for drainage, the soil should be replenished with fertilizers. Nitrates, potassium and phosphorus are good, and should be added once every 15 days in the growing season; mix them properly so as to not let it touch the roots directly or it may damage them.

Watering should not be added in abundance or the excess will destroy the roots; check with your fingers to see if the soil has dried and make sure the water does not contain chlorine – you might also choose to spray it with water to keep the required moisture level.

Pruning should be done twice a year, in summer and spring, to keep it healthy looking and at the desired size. The roots need to be pruned also, during spring and once every two years, when re-potting. When you’re done pruning, nip some of the new growth by twisting them with your fingers. You can also try wiring – gently wire the branches from the base to the tip, this will help you give it the shape you want; leave the wires for a few months then remove them with a wire cutter.

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