Taking care of Royal Poinciana tree

The Royal Poinciana tree is also known as Delonix Regina (the scientific name). It is a flowering plant and draws anyone’s attention with its vibrant colors of red, orange, vermillion or yellow flowers. In some areas it will shed its leaves, but in others the tree remains forever green.

The first thing you need to know about this plant is that it needs plenty of sunlight and a soil with properties as acidity, moisture and good drainage. If the conditions are met, the tree will reach a height of 40 feet and a width of 40 to 60 feet. So, it has to have enough room to grow. Provide protection against the wind.

Now, after you have chosen a perfect place for the tree to be planted let’s dig the hole for the roots. It must be two times larger than the root ball. Fill one third of the space with organic compost. After you place the tree inside the hole and cover its roots with soil, water the area. It is important to add mulch (2 inch layer) over the soil around the tree.

Throughout each season, water the Royal Poinciana tree regularly when the rain falls in quantities of less than 1 inch per week. Reduce this activity until you reach winter when there will be no more watering. Help the tree by applying a balanced liquid fertilizer each month that passes by.

An important part in the care for a tree is the pruning. Do this in the first two or three weeks of spring. Cut off stems that grown on the side, branches that are close to the ground (up to 8-12 feet in distance) and the dead ones.

If you want to plant more Royal Poinciana trees, you can sow the seeds. Rub each seed with sandpaper. After 15 seconds, place them in water. The next day place the seeds in pots, 20 mm deep. Four to six days will pass and the seeds will show signs of germination.

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