The meaning of bonsai trees

There is an art through which miniature version of trees and plants are made. It is called bonsai. The growth of the chosen species is suppressed and by pruning the little plants look amazing, almost like illusive things.

Let’s go deeper into knowledge about the bonsai art.

Bonsai comes from ”pun-sai”, a Chinese word which means growing trees in a pot or tray. Looking at the current name,”bon” means container and ”sai” is plant.

About the art:
Although it sounds trivial, bonsai is not just about growing plants in pots. To create a small replica of a tree is hard work, intensive care and passion. The end result is an ornamental miniature tree, with a kind of royalty air.

As anything in this world, the bonsai tree evolved and in this process obtained different meanings. Let’s explore them for a little while.

In its origins, the art was borne in China, around the year 1000. It reached the surrounding areas (Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam). The creators gave to the trees shapes of dragons, birds and other creatures connected with the mythology.

This Chinese form of art was carried to Japan and became an important part of the culture. The Zen Buddhists brought it and gave it a meaning. Before their arrival, the bonsai was just a way to create decorative miniature trees. It became a symbol of wealth, prestige, and honor.

Another purpose of the bonsai trees was to illustrate the harmony between nature and the man’s soul, according to the vision of the Buddhist monks. It also signified peace, balance.

Once with the beginning of the 19th century, the significance of the trees took a turn. The tourists that came in Japan saw these works of art as ornaments and they took the ideas in the west. So, the bonsai art reached the entire world. Of course, the meaning of a bonsai tree changed and lost the profoundness of the ancient times.

You can investigate more and assign your own meaning to your bonsai tree!

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