About pergolas and gazebos

Besides the fact that these structures can look very nice in your garden, they also add value to a home. Before starting a project like this you should get the necessary permissions. After this, you should think a little bit about the materials you are going to use and also the structure and building plans.

You have either the option of building yourself or to purchase one and get it delivered.


Pergolas are open-air structures, with a lot of room to offer and incorporating much of the outdoor space. You can use it to cover your pool or just to install it in the garden. These outdoor structures have some semi-shaded areas that are some great places for a breakfast or lunch in open air. A great advantage of pergolas over gazebos is the smaller price that is due to fewer materials.


When it comes to building a gazebo there is no limit. Even if you need to use more material for such a project, having a gazebo in your garden will make this part of your house a memorable living area. The kind of openness or privacy that you can obtain can offer you the possibility of a romantic getaway, an elegant dining area for two or even a social event. You can have a gazebo with either a pentagon or octagon style, placed on a deck or concrete base. Sometimes gazebos are built in such a way that they can be an outdoor kitchen and a dining area in the same time. Most of the gazebos have a barbecue grill in them, a table and benches around it.

Building or contracting

You have to think hard about your decision of building or contracting the construction of a pergola or gazebo. Hiring someone to do it, can offer you a great deal of professionalism used for the project.

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