Constructing a PVC gazebo

PVC gazebos are usually met in parks and in open places where there’s a need for shade. PVC gazebos are easy to build because PVC is very light and can be easily handles. PVC gazebos usually have all sides opened, so basically it’s a gazebo with support posts and a roof.


First of all you need to see what open spaces you have available in your garden. Then make the necessary measurements and calculations to determine the best size for the gazebo. Based on these measurements, you can custom order the roof for it.

Roof top

After purchasing the roof, assemble it and lay it on the ground. Mark the edges with rope or with stakes. You will need to determine the places where the posts will need to go.


After you have marked the places where the poles will be installed, dig 2-feet-deep holes in the earth.

Top frame

Take the 8 PVC poles and make the top frame. Apply cement on the end of the PVC poles. The take the end of the pole and make an octagonal shape using T-shaped connectors.

Holding poles

Apply cement to the other end of the 10-foot long PVC poles and then connect them together by using the 3rd end of the T-shaped connectors.

Preparing the holes

Use a concrete mixture to fill each of the holes. Insert the poles in the holes and make sure that they are vertical.


The last thing that you will need to do is attach the roof of the gazebo. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Make sure that the components are tightly fit.

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