How to build an outdoor gazebo over water

Outdoor gazebos can make your garden more interesting especially if you place it over a pond as a sort of bridge. The type of wood that you are going to choose is very important because it has to be resistant enough to hold the weight of the gazebo itself and the people. You have to make the measurements as precise as you can because only one mishap can lead to bad injuries.

How to make the measures

First of all, you have to place a mark somewhere in the ground to map the blueprint of the next gazebo. Make a measure of the entire area where the gazebo is going to be built and then measure the distance between each place of each post.  After all this work you start cutting the wood based on your calculations.

How to install the floor

The entire construction has to be started with the floor because you will need it to have something to walk on. All the planks that you are going to cut have to be set between the posts until there’s no more room for another. Don’t forget to nail them down one by one. Floor joists are also needed because there is the possibility that someone will fall through the floor.

How to put together the gazebo

For the rest of the gazebo you should buy a construction kit to be sure you have all the necessary pieces. You won’t need any kind of help because the instructions provided will be easy to understand. All the walls need to be attached by the floor with screws so that in the end the roof can be installed. The last step would be to place the gazebo over the pond.


Before setting the gazebo on its place, you have to cut away a piece of the surrounding land and use it under the construction. After this, you will still have to build a bridge that will make possible the transfer from the land to the gazebo.

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