Outdoor gazebo guide

There are many types of outdoor gazebos to choose from. Some are built permanently from different materials like wood, metal, stone and others use lightweight materials in order to be easily moved from one place to another. The portable gazebo is an open-sided tent that offers an easy installation for anyone.

How to choose a gazebo type

Before you choose a type of gazebo, you have to know what you are using it for. A portable gazebo is great for small events and it offers the possibility to take it wherever you go. A permanent one is fixed to the ground with poured slabs or posts. If you need a gazebo only from time to time then the portable one is the best choice for you.

About types of gazebos

The permanent gazebos are made of wood and offer the classic Victorian look. You can buy a kit with everything you need or a set of plans that tells you exactly what you have to get. Portable gazebos have designed frames that interlock for added support and canvas or vinyl canopies are used to cover them. Netting can be also used to cover the gazebo because it keeps dirt and debris away without stopping the sunlight to get in.

About the layout

When it’s time to set the gazebo on its place, you have to increase the necessary area with at least 10 feet. This will help prevent any possible trips or falls and provide some place for seats and tables. The frame for the gazebo has to be placed on level ground or else there will be problems with the stability of the structure.

About the portable gazebo assembly

A method used by most people for building gazebos includes 5 gallon plastic buckets filled with sand so that you can adjust the posts higher or lower. In case there is a frame post that is 6 inches higher or lower than any other one then you may have to use artificial leveling. Most of the gazebo plans offer information about this kind of things.

How to use a gazebo kit

The best solution for installing a gazebo is to use a kit that offers not only a set of plans but also the necessary hardware. With the provided materials you can build only the canopy and for the rest of the gazebo you’ll have to buy all the other stuff. Is much more complicated to use a kit than a pop-up gazebo but on the other hand it gives you the possibility of a permanent placement.

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