Tips for enclosing a garden gazebo

Gazebos are a perfect relaxation spots for every home owner. But because gazebos are located outdoors, they are opened to insects, rain, wind, etc. This is why you should consider enclosing the gazebo and make it a more likable place.

Outer screening

The first step in enclosing the garden gazebo is applying the screening. Make sure that when you buy the screening it’s at least 1 inch larger than the area that you want to cover. After purchasing the screen, you will need to place it on the gazebo. To do this you can use a staple gun to fix it in place. Use a knife to trim the edges. This screen will prevent bugs, rain and wind from coming in.

Gazebo door

Next, measure the entrance in your gazebo and make the plan for the door fitting. Have in mind that most gazebos have entrance stairs. This means that you will need to make the door swing inside and not outside. This way you can open the door easily.

If the gazebo entrance is too large, you can install a smaller door and install extra screening on the rest of the space. To make the framing of the door you can use 2 by 4 studs. Then use stain or paint for the door and the framing. Now use the screen from the previous step to cover the open areas.

Test the door and see if it opens and closes correctly.

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