Ways to maintain your gazebo

Keeping the gazebo safe can be quite a complicated job. All plants should be removed from around the construction and mold and mildew should be kept under control. Regular repair and maintenance should be done in order to keep the gazebo stable.

About weed control

Up to 10 feet from the gazebo, all plants should be pulled or dig out to keep a clear path. This way you will protect the gazebo against severe damages caused by the plants and also your family’s health.

How to remove mold and mildew

In case of a vinyl or canvas gazebo, mold and mildew are very dangerous. They can be removed with a simple mixture made of household bleach, liquid laundry detergent and water. Use this mixture to wipe down all surfaces until there’s no sign of mildew or mold. When you are done, use a garden hose to clean the gazebo well until all the chemical cleaners are off.

About preventive maintenance

Take a close look to your gazebo at least once a week. Tighten up all joints and nail heads that may have loosen up over time. If there is any sign that one part of the gazebo has damaged, you need to replace it immediately or else the entire construction is in danger.

About roof care

Every 6 months the roof has to be inspected for damages caused by wind or falling branches. There may be shingles and gutters that need to be replaced and drainpipes that have to direct the water away from the building. A roof that is intact is the best way to protect the gazebo against all types of weather.

How to paint the gazebo

Before starting to apply any kind of paint, you need to fill all cracks and holes with painter’s caulk. All plants and areas that don’t need to be painted have to be covered in order to protect them. This task can be completed with just a brush, roller or spray.

The importance of maintenance

Having a gazebo in your yard requires some time spent with maintenance problems. Painting is absolutely necessary because it is a barrier against the weather and also termites.

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