Where to install a canopy gazebo

A canopy gazebo is very similar to an ordinary gazebo only that it offers more flexibility in what concerns the place where it is installed. When dealing with a canopy gazebo you have to take care of two problems: the type of ground that you are using for the installation and the level of the gazebo.

About the canopy gazebo

A canopy gazebo is nothing more than a temporary shelter or tent.

Their structure is composed simply out of a flexible roof and a pre-fabricated construction that can take only a few minutes to put into place.

The type of ground

The ground always needs to be level because the weight of the gazebo has to be evenly distributed over all the main support posts. The best place would be an area with level lawn and the worst surface you can use is damp clay. A rocky terrain is also an option but only if the supports are independently leveled.

What types of ground you can use

The level lawn is the perfect option in this case because it offers the right conditions for the gazebo installation. Grass and sand are very good as outdoor carpets but the latter can be easily blown away by the wind.

What types of ground you shouldn’t use

Any type of terrain that presents uneven areas is not a good place for a gazebo because it has a high risk of trips and injuries. Slippery and bumpy grounds should also be avoided because of hazards and complications.

How to perform spot leveling

In case you don’t have any other option and you need to install the gazebo on a slight incline, use a plastic bucket to bring enough sand until the desired height is obtained. The bucket should have at least 6 inches of sand but if you can get more it would be better for the stability. If the place where the gazebo is installed is not level then it can tip over.

About minor leveling

In order to create a temporary foundation for the gazebo, you can use paving stone. You should not use more than 3 pieces of paving stone to stack the foundation. If the gazebo needs some adjustments for less than an inch, the cedar shims are the best option.

About portable gazebos

Between portable gazebos and camping tents are a lot of similarities. This is why you should find a place for the portable gazebo exactly like one for a camping tent. The perfect spot should be level, free of obstructions and sharp edges.

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