Agricultural irrigation systems

Throughout history, irrigation systems have been a very important part of agricultural development. The first irrigation systems date back 6000 years and have been used by the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. The most common irrigation systems are the ditch irrigation, terracing, overhead irrigation, drip irrigation and sub-irrigation.

Ditch irrigation system

Probably one of the oldest irrigation systems, this system is basically consisted of ditches made between the rows of plants. These ditches are later filled with water either through manual labor, pumps or gravity flow. Nowadays, this system is not as popular amongst homeowners.

Terracing irrigation system

An extremely labor intensive irrigation system, the terracing system is used for sloping and hillside lands. The land is stepped and plants are placed in the level areas. Water is then poured from the very top of the slope. It reaches all the levels and irrigates them.

Overhead irrigation system

This irrigation system is used in large areas of land. It consists of a central pivot system that has sprinklers on long aluminum or steel pipes. The system has wheels attached so it irrigates the land creating green circles, visible from above. The sprinkler system is a commonly used way of irrigation. The sprinklers can be attached to flexible hoses or to a moveable platform.

Drip irrigation system

The drip irrigation system uses pipes with holes or nozzles to transport water directly to the roots of the plant. This way, water is efficiently used and isn’t lost in the process through evaporation and runoff. It is by far the most efficient irrigation system.

Sub-irrigation system

A relatively expensive irrigation system, the this system is used for watering potted plants mostly. It consists of pipes placed below the plants. Sometimes, nutrients and beneficial chemicals are added to the water to assure a much healthier plant growth.

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