Automatic homemade watering system

An automatic watering system is used for gardens when you leave town for a while or just don’t want to constantly care for this task. A proper homemade system will deliver water directly to the roots of the plants automatically.

Start off by cleaning a plastic bottle or a larger container if needed.

Any old 2 liter bottle will do. Next, take off the lid and place the bottle on a flat surface. Use a hammer and a nail to make 2 or more holes in the bottle lid, depending on the plant water needs. Then, put the lid back on and flip the bottle. You must remove the bottom of the bottle using scissors.

Use duct tape to cover up the rough edges of the bottles, in the area where you cut it. Dig a small hole net to the plant that requires irrigation. Place the bottle lid down in the hole and cover about a third of it. Make sure it is sturdy enough. Fill the bottle with water. The water will slowly drip down into the soil. Make sure to refill the bottle regularly and add plant food to it every once in a while.

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