Christmas tree watering

First of all, to ease the watering process of a Christmas tree, you need to pay attention to the one you buy. It should have most of its needles and shouldn’t show signs of sagging. A Christmas tree can last up to 2 weeks with proper watering.

Make sure it gets a straight cut in order to make it need water after it is moved.

Placing the tree

You will need to use a stand that can hold a minimum amount of  one gallon of water. Keep the tree’s base submerged at all time. The base will absorb moisture. You can use tap water and no additional nutrients.

What to expect

In the first days after cutting the tree, it will require a lot of water to maintain itself. Just keep it submerged under a gallon of water at all times and it can last even for 5 weeks. As soon as the tree goes dry it will shed its needles and needs to be cleared of all decorations and lights in order to avoid any fire related issues.

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