Drip irrigation - Bottle system

The drip irrigation system is a very effective way of watering your plants. It is also very economical because you don’t the water goes directly to the roots of the plants and doesn’t evaporate in the air. All you need to do to keep the underground system working is refill the water supplying tank every once in a while.

Such a system is easy to build in your own yard.

First of all you need to rinse and dry the gallon bottles, making sure there are no leftovers of adhesive or any labels. Also, there mustn’t be any residue in the bottle at it can harm the plants.

Make 1/8 inch holes in the bottom of the bottle having 1/2 inch space between them. The lines of holes should spread out about 3 inches up from the bottom of the bottle.

Dig holes abut 6 inches away from the plants and 1 inch away from one another. The holes must be big enough to fit the bottles so that only the shoulders of the bottle stick out. Make sure the bottles aren’t fit in loosely, because water could evaporate through the open spaces.

Fill the bottles with water and then place funnels on each bottle mouth in order to know when the bottle is full and to keep out any objects. Refill the bottles each week.

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