Garden irrigation methods

For plants to thrive, they require a proper amount of sunlight, water and nutrients. Irrigation is a very important factor for plants. There are many cost-effective irrigation methods that assure the proper watering needs of your plants.

Flooding method

The flooding irrigation method consists of a shallow trench around the garden area that is flooded with water. The water will slowly drain into the soil, watering the roots of the plants. This method works only if the soil has enough clay to retain the water. This method isn’t too efficient as it allow weeds to thrive and in low quality soil, it can keep vital nutrients away from plants.

Spraying method

There are several different methods to use this system. The simplest one is the hose-end sprinkling which consists of using a garden hose that has a spray fixture attached to its end. Some systems use timers to water the garden at precise times of the day. This method doesn’t promote weed growth as much as the flooding method.

Drip irrigation method

The most effective irrigation method is the drip irrigation system. It delivers the proper amount of water directly to the roots of the plant. It can be used above or bellow the soil and it prevents weed growth. This irrigation system is more expensive to install and maintain.

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