Garden irrigation system - Installation

An irrigation system will assure the necessary amount of water your plants need and also reduce the time you spend looking out for them. Depending on the area you need to water, you can choose from different types of irrigation systems. The irrigation system will drastically reduce the amount of maintenance, weeding and digging you need to provide.

Start off by measuring the dimensions of the garden and graphing the direct ratio on graphing paper. Then, graph the system. It may either consist of a snaking hose or a main hose that has branches that exit from it. Install the system before planting anything. Work your way from the outdoor faucet to the watering area. If the system is on top of the soil, you need to anchor it in place using U-shaped pins, whilst if the system is underground, the pins may not be necessary.

The outdoor faucet must be connected to the main hose. If you want, you can set a timer between the faucet and hose. Test the system by turning it on. Depending on what you grow in the garden, the water necessity may be lower or higher.

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