Garden irrigation - Tips

Garden irrigation is crucial in keeping the plants in it healthy. Whether if watering must be done daily or even more often depending on each of the plant’s water needs, the irrigation process determines whether or not your plants will thrive or not. Installing an irrigation system is one of the best solutions for plant water needs.

Garden planning

Depending on the climate of the area, your garden will require different amounts of water and so, different irrigation system types. Another very important factor that decides the amount of water you will need to use is the plants that require it. Try planting native plants, that will thrive with less water. This is especially recommended in areas where drought is often.

Water supply

The water supply is very important. Even if the easiest solution is hooking up the irrigation system to an outdoor water spigot, using rain barrels to store and use water in times of drought is highly recommended. In case you don’t have an outdoor water faucet, you can call the local plumber to install one for you. You can do this task yourself with the right materials and knowledge.

Drip irrigation system

The drip irrigation system consists of a series of hoses or tubes that are spread along the garden and transport low pressure water directly to the roots of the plants, reducing contact with other parts of the plant and so reducing the chance of disease.

Sprinkler irrigation system

Sprinkler irrigation systems use garden hoses, pipes and sprinklers head to shoot out water and cover a large area. These systems can be found in portable sets. The system is relatively cheap but wastes a high amount of water due to evaporation. It needs to be turned on for about 30 minutes daily. Water will come in contact with the leaves and can damage them but will be absorbed slowly.

Other less effective irrigation systems can be accomplished using trenches around plants, that are filled with water. These trenches must be a maximum of 12-18 inches away from the plant in order to be effective. Depending on the soil, it may drain off too quick, like in the case of sandy soil, thus reducing its effectiveness.

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