Gardening irrigation tips and ideas

For a garden to thrive, an irrigation system is required. There are many types of irrigation systems that assure the necessary water that plants need.

Sprinkler irrigation system

The sprinkler system is used for large gardens with shrub borders.

It can be installed by a professional if you do not have the required knowledge to do it yourself. Still, a portable sprinkler system is easy to use and proper for most small gardens. For larger areas, a more complex irrigation system is needed.

Drip irrigation system

The drip irrigation system can be used for pretty much any garden. It delivers water directly to the roots of the plants and can be homemade. All you need is a hose with punctured holes that is connected to a water source. The hose will slowly drip and soak the area with a proper amount of water. This method is also very good if you plan on leaving the house for a while.

Soaker irrigation system

More efficient than manual watering a soaker irrigation system is similar to the drip irrigation system. It consists of a long rubber hose with holes in it that let water flow. Just turn the water on when you need to water plants.

Environmentally friendly irrigation system

For a more environmentally friendly approach, you can collect rainwater and use it for irrigation. Also, grouping plants closer together so that they can get a proper amount of water is a very effective method. Watering early in the morning will help reduce water waste due to evaporation.

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