Greenhouse irrigation system types

An irrigation system is very important for a greenhouse. The high temperatures can dry the soil very fast and so plants don’t get the proper amount of water. The irrigation system can be found in basic types of more complex designs.

Watering can irrigation

The simplest irrigation method is watering with a hand held watering can. Even if this method proves to be efficient, it is impractical for large greenhouses and can be very time consuming and labor intensive. This method should be used for small greenhouses only.

Hose irrigation

This is one of the cheapest irrigation methods and implies using a hose to water the plants. The disadvantage with this method is that the water doesn’t reach the roots and soil around of plant in many cases and so, the leaves get most of the moisture, which less healthy for the plants. This method should be used for small greenhouses only.

Misting irrigation system

The misting irrigation system provides water to the plants from above. This system releases small drops of water at specific times. It is usually used in commercial greenhouses. The system has a few disadvantages like clogging nozzles and inefficiency due to hot temperatures and dryness.

Seep hose irrigation system

The seep hose irrigation system releases water through thousands of tiny holes. The system is usually buried 2-3 inches into the soil. It is very efficient in terms of water saving, because it doesn’t waste it through evaporation. Because the water doesn’t come in contact with the rest of the plant expect the roots, the plants are less susceptible to disease.

You will need to choose the irrigation system type, depending on the size of the greenhouse and depending on the plants that grow in it. You can use simpler irrigation methods for home greenhouses but more complex, automated systems are required for commercial businesses.

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