Homemade irrigation system

The irrigation system is used to assure a proper amount of water to the garden. The drip irrigation system is the most efficient of all because it delivers the water to the roots of the plants. You can make your own drip irrigation system using an old hose.

It requires a connector in order to function.

Start off by laying the hose down on a flat area of the yard.  Make holes in the hose with a hammer and a nail. The hole must pass only through the first surface of the hose. Make the holes around the entire length of the hose. Attach an end cap on the end of the hose to prevent water from seeping out the wrong way. Place the hose in the garden, around the plants. Use landscape pins to secure the hose each 2 feet. Connect a hose to the main water source and then connect that hose to the one that has holes in it. Turn on the water low. Check if the hose is in order. The water from the hose mustn’t spray, they must drip water.

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