Information about irrigation systems

Irrigation systems have been around for quite a while and have helped in the growth and development of the agriculture industry. The first irrigation systems date back from the time of the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. Used to assure water to all plants and to keep water from wasting unnecessarily, the irrigation system has become more and more popular.

Sprinkler irrigation system

Commonly used in parks and golf courses, the sprinklers simulate rain, popping their heads out of the ground and spraying areas of up to 100 feet in a circle.

Ditch irrigation system

Ditch irrigation systems are the most traditional of all. Basically the system consists of canals that are dug between the crops. The canals are connected to the main water source.

Terrace irrigation system

Used in steep and sloped areas, the terrace irrigation system offers a possibility to irrigate hard to handle land and assures an effective drainage. It is commonly used in some parts of Asia.

Drip irrigation system

The most efficient irrigation system of all is the drip irrigation system. This is because the water goes directly at the roots of the plants and isn’t waste in any way. The process may be slow, but is efficient and economical.

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