Irrigation system for rooftop garden

If you are living in an apartment or have a small yard space and a flat roof, than the rooftop garden is the best solution for you. You can choose from various irrigation systems depending on your budget.

System weight

Keep in mind not to concentrate many heavy items on a small roof area because it can leak or even collapse.

Use PVC frames to distribute the weight on the roof evenly across it and place any water storage containers over load bearing walls.

System recycling

An efficient roof garden includes rainwater storage and using it to irrigate the garden. It also has a reclamation of excess moisture of the plant beds. Visit the local hardware store to buy a starter set that you can install by yourself.

Drip irrigation system

The most efficient irrigation system you can use for your garden is the drip irrigation system. It delivers the proper amount of water directly into the soil, reducing water waste and protecting the plants’ leaves and stems. This system is more expensive than others and needs regular maintenance.

Sprinkler system

The sprinkler system isn’t effective for this particular use and should be chosen if any other option is excluded. Sprinklers have misting devices, allowing them to deliver the water in the form of a mist. This method isn’t efficient in hot climates because the water will evaporate much quicker. Overall, the sprinkler system is the least expensive system and the easiest irrigation system you can install.

Homemade irrigation system

Use a rolled tube to make your own irrigation system. Assure drainage through a central recycling container that will collect water and use it on the plants. Use a pump to power the irrigation system.

Water timing

Regardless of what irrigation system you choose, watering must be done at precise moments of the day. Never water between 3 hours after sunrise and 3 hours before sunset because the plants may burn or wilt. In dry regions, watering in the evening is the best solution because it protects the plants and gives them enough time to absorb the water properly.

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