Irrigation systems for small gardens

Whether you opt for a moveable or a stationary irrigation system, you can assure the water needs of a small garden efficiently.

Sprinkler system

The sprinkler system can be hanged overhead and is usually used for lawn irrigation. The sprinkler emitters can be placed on top of metal poles or can consist of a simple ring.

The system is connected to a water hose that delivers the water.

Soaker hose system

The soaker hose consists of a simple holes with holes along its entire length that is placed at the base of the plants and delivers the water through a drip flow. This system is more efficient than a sprinkler system because it doesn’t waste water in any way. It can be placed on the surface or it can be covered with mulch. When you aren’t irrigation, just detach the hose from the water supply.

Underground irrigation system

Use a drip irrigation system kit to install your own system. Start off by digging small ditches that will act as lines for the system to go through. Attach the emitters to the garden hose and then connect the hose to a water supply. Whilst some systems can resist even in winter conditions, some must be removed in winter season.

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