Low pressure irrigation system

Gardens, lawns and plants in general require a proper amount of water to thrive. The sprinkler system, although commonly used, aren’t the most efficient, because of water waste and weather factors that can affect it. A low pressure irrigation system is by far the most efficient, delivering water to the exact places where it is needed.

It doesn’t waste it and it is the only system that can be used efficiently to water garden.

A disadvantage of the low pressure irrigation is the fact that, it isn’t easy to install, thus, hiring a professional is needed, a task that can cost you a lot of money. However, with the proper planning, tools, materials and knowledge you can complete this project by yourself and save a high amount of money. Depending on the area that requires irrigation, the quantity of materials will vary.

Items needed

  • header hose
  • faucet connector
  • filters
  • back flow preventer (keeps the water from reentering the water source system)
  • pressure regulator (set to either 30 or 70 psi., regulates pressure)
  • feeder lines
  • compression ends (used to cap the ends of a line or tube)
  • emitters (vary in shape, size and spray pattern)
  • elbow connectors

Find out the pressure that the system will be using. Calculate how many drippers and sprayers the feeding line will hold. Make sure to fit in filters, splitters and back flow preventers. These fittings will reduce the water flow efficiency by about 10%.

Now you must scale the garden on graphing paper and note down the plants their individual water needs. Mark the places where the emitters will be and keep in mind the spray patterns. If the system layout requires more water than available than all you can do is modify it to suit your needs and work properly. When the planning process is over, all you need to do is buy the system parts and assemble the system.

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