Planning a garden irrigation system

A good irrigation system can help you cut down on the time and money required to water your garden. The most efficient system you can use is the drip irrigation system.

Start off by making a map of the yard and garden.

Keep in mind that different plants require different amounts of water to thrive. Make sure to design the system in such a way to cover up each area properly.Next you must note down on the map the sun and wind exposure and land slope of each area. A sloped area will surely waste more water than flat areas. A slower output is needed to fix this.

Lay the sprinkler system so that the sprayed water from a sprinkler reaches another sprinkler head, providing total coverage. For plant beds, a drip irrigation system is the most effective. This system delivers the water directly to the roots of the plants, reducing water waste. Also, the system can be easily modified is needed.

The the area that needs irrigation, requires a complex system, a hiring a professional or asking him some advice is necessary. The design of the system needs to be made in such a way to reduce water waste. If possible, replace plants that need a high quantity of water with plants that need less water. Sometimes, replacing the plants will mean you don’t need an irrigation system at all.

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