Plasticulture seedbed preparation

Plasticulture is a farming method that helps you grow 2-3 times more crops at half the amount of water needed. Plastic is used to maintain moisture and heat and to keep weeds and insects from damaging the plants. Plasticulture consists of mulching with plastic and using a drip irrigation system.

This method is very effective when growing tomatoes, squash, melons, peppers and any other heat loving vegetable.

Begin by preparing the growing area with stakes and strings. After that, apply fertilizer to the area. Make sure you use a shovel or a till so that the fertilizer enters the soil properly. The rows will be defined by strings and stakes. Set up a drip irrigation system so that it passes through the rows of the seeds you will plant.

Put down plastic over the growing area and use rocks, bricks or any material you can to weight down the edges of the plastic. If the area is bigger, weight down between the rows also. Find the irrigation pipe under the pipe and then cut X’s in the plastic, in the place where each seed is. Make sure not to cut into the pipe.

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