Proper landscape irrigation system

The importance of an irrigation system is unquestionable. Each garden or lawn requires an irrigation system in order to thrive and be healthy. This is especially true in times when rainfall is scarce.

There are several irrigation types, but by far the most efficient is the drip irrigation system. It wastes less water than other systems and can fit any situation and location. This system can be used in times of drought, being restriction free.

The system is easy to install and doesn’t requires a professional’s help. You need a few components such as: piping, fittings, tubing, nozzles, valves and controllers. All of these are relatively cheap and can be bought at any home improvement shops.

The drip irrigation system consists of multiple pipes and tubes that deliver water slowly to the plant. The pressure is very low and so is the water waste. This helps prevent plant disease because water goes directly where it is needed. The drip irrigation system has an efficiency rate of over 90% whilst other systems don’t pass 50-70%.

The drip irrigation system helps grow healthier plants, maintaining a balance between the air, water and soil around the plant’s roots and because water never reaches the leaves and flowers directly, the plant is less likely to catch a disease.

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