Small vineyard irrigation

There are many advantages in growing a grapes in your backyard. There are many factors you need to take in consideration like sun, water, nutrients and the micro-climate of your backyard. The vines require at least one inch of water weekly to assure a healthy and rich harvest.

Start off by drawing a map of the vineyard. Measure the distance between the the hose spigot and the vineyard. Also, measure the lengths of the rows and the space between them. Next you need to find out what size must the soaker hose have. Keep in mind that the hoses will moisten an area of 2-3 feet from the house center. The T-connectors, caps and elbows must also be included in the plan.

Go to the local home improvement store and buy a hose along with the connectors, filter, pressure regulator and a timer. Assemble the system and place it in the right area. Remove the end caps and turn on the system to purge it of any air. Recap the lines and turn the water on to deliver water to the vineyard.

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